April 12, 2022

April 1, 4:19pm

MoHH Photo Journal

Registration is open. The lobby is packed and the doors are getting ready to open for the solos, duos and trios competition. I’m standing by the registration line with DemBari & Davien. As we catch up, Andye J walks up and gets read to head into the advanced room for the competition. Always ready, always photogenic with some fresh new nails. 

There’s a nervous energy to A-List Friday nights. Normally, it’s just a bonus class. With A-List there’s hair, make up, consumes and last minute rehearsals. Parents and family friends trying to make sure they get a good seat. Brec is getting the atmosphere ready for what should be a lively group. 

As the solos get going, it’s a different caliber here in Jersey this weekend. The bar is getting set pretty high pretty early - which if you’ve been following the photo journal, isn’t surprising for New Jersey.