April 1, 2022

Feb 26, Saturday, 10:06am

MoHH Photo Journal

 In Nashville we talked about how Alex is in a league of his own. I’d be lying if I said Robert doesn’t fall into a similar category. Every choreographer on this faculty will help the students find the vibe or a character or those moments in the piece. Robert is one of the few dancers I’ve met who completely TRANSFORMS into something or someone else when the music comes on.

When I met Robert, it was during the Monsters show. The first time he looked at me he was on stage with 1 white-out contact lens on and it was the most frightening intimidating awesome thing I had ever seen. I didn’t SPEAK to him until a short time later at an audition in NoHo and realized he is one of the kindest people in the business. This class has that dynamic on full display.

It’s incredible to see him transform and to pull the room into that transformation with him. He ends the class telling the advanced room that this class was an alarm clock for the weekend. “Now that you’re awake, I expect you to spread this energy to every teacher, class and outside of Monsters. Spread the special.”

DMV….challenge extended.