April 1, 2022

Feb 26, Saturday, 10:52am:

MoHH Photo Journal

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Andye J. There’s been a few times on this tour that I’ve been excited to see old friends and being so excited to see them up here and succeeding outside of Monsters. Andye is no exception. From the minute she walked into the ballroom last night and called my name I missed living in LA - don’t tell Anna. 

As she starts teaching she challenges DC ‘22 to find the heartbeat of the song. After the first 2 groups she admits to them, “I don’t feel it yet.” She takes a moment to really deep dive and explains to people who may not know her and her class, that she doesn’t do anything without purpose. The purpose of this class is to be free. To forget the crazy world and the stress of the last 2 years. She wants less cleanliness. Fill the space. 

After the chat, the next group comes out and the energy is completely different. Immediately Andye says over the cheers and applause “I felt it that time!” Each run after that gets more and more lively. The post-choreography freestyles are inevitable and this class is a perfect opportunity for it.

After class, Anna and I are talking with Andye and Anna says that class got her right in the feels. I’ve been watching these classes for a few months and I tell Andye that the energy and support they found in that class usually doesn’t come until Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Andye says how she selfishly needed that class for her soul. She needed the DC ‘22 group as much as they needed her. She was counting on them. They understood the assignment.