April 1, 2022

Feb 26, Saturday, 1:09pm

MoHH Photo Journal

This weekend’s Q&A covers a lot of different topics but there are some really solid questions - yes even the last one. 

They discuss dealing with injuries, how they found dance and any advice for someone who is nearing the end of high school and is making a decision before committing to college. My favorite question and answers this weekend we’re about the key to finding longevity in the dance industry. Alexmentioned humility. Andy J and Robert share similar advice of Integrity, drive and patience. Josh passes the mic because he’s 19 and the rest of the panel ain’t havin' it. Jaquel thinks it comes down to being a good person. Even if you’re not DANCING for 10 years, you can stay in the business and being kind to people is a big part of that. 

As Nate tries to wrap up the session, Jaquel pushes for one more question. The question is what is their favorite accomplishment and why to which Jaquel lets out a long and low “booooo”. The faculty, the staff, Andy and Becky Funk all die laughing on and off the stage. 

Jaquel DOES start his class next by mentioning it was a good question but he just doesn’t like talking about himself or his work in that way. It’s actually a perfect link back to the humility and being a good person they discussed in the Q&A. 

Just like that, the dancers head back to their rooms and Jaquel takes the stage for the first time this weekend in the advanced room. There’s an excited energy among the dancers. They already know the only option is to send it. Let’s see if they can hang on.