April 1, 2022

Feb 26, Saturday, 11:34am

MoHH Photo Journal

 I started today watching Alex put the finishing touches on his piece in the production office. I remember listening to him try and work out some hard parts and already wishing the dancers good luck. He kicks off the actual class by telling them that it’s not *THAT* hard. It’s the first time I’ve heard Alex drop a disclaimer for his own choreography. As they move through it at tempo with counts, Andy J yells “GO OFF ALEX” from the side of the stage where she and Robert are watching the class. One of my favorite things about these weekends is when the faculty come out to watch each other during their breaks. The respect and appreciation they all have for each other is such an important key to this industry that’s gotten lost in a competitive industry and in the world of views and likes. You can pursue a career in this business while still rooting for the ones around you to succeed. The faculty this weekend is full of such heavy hitters who are all so different, there couldn’t be a better group to put that idea on full display. 

After one of the runs, Alex lets out a trademark “Kind of!?” To which he gets a very clear “noooooo” from the left side of the room. He gives them a few more runs before they move on. 

By the end of the class, they're DANCING. Caden drops a solo for the room and they all collapse in around him. To Andye's point in the last class, the DC '22 have found their community early in the weekend.