April 1, 2022

Feb 26, Saturday, 2:13pm

MoHH Photo Journal

Jaquel starts his class with the words and sounds that only dancers understand. From that secret language, he pulls out “Shwack”. Now, to someone with a military background - I can tell you that shwack means something different but it’s kind of fitting with this piece. He’s coming for them. 

Jaquel doesn’t hold back and the first 8-count to start the class sends any thoughts of taking it easy out the window. The dancers are here to work and Jaquel is going to make sure that happens. After they start to run it he admits, “In my mind it always feels way slower than it is.” The jury is still out on whether or not that’s ever a good thing when a choreographer drops that bomb on you. 

His choreography is as big as his personality. His voice echos through the room and is only drowned out by the bass of the intermediate room next door or as his steps forcefully rock the stage. The entire class can just be summed up by “Power”. In every aspect of the class. 

We knew that this faculty was going to bring the heat. We knew that the DMV would answer the call. The energy in this building today is different from any city I’ve been to. We haven’t even gotten to the battles yet…