April 1, 2022

Feb 26, Saturday, 2:52pm

MoHH Photo Journal

“Who’s taking my class for the first time? …good luck.”

Josh is teaching his first Monsters class ever….following a legend like Jaquel. As he’s introduced, Nate points out his Steeler’s jersey. Going back to the longevity question he skipped on the Q&A, Andy and Becky remind him from the wings that maybe wearing a Steeler’s jersey to a Raven-Fan-owned convention may not be it. It’s a light hearted way to start a class where the nervous energy from the room is palpable. 

I’m chatting backstage with Emma and it’s not so much that Josh feels like he has something to prove (because he doesn’t), but he certainly feels like he needs to bring it. She tells me he’s such an athletic dancer so she’s nervously excited for the class after a full day so far. I let her know that I’m happy to be retired. After the first 3 or 4 8-counts, a “dayuuummm” slips out from the group. It’s going to be one of those classes where you need to just go. The only speed is ON. 

As he goes over some footwork, his feet land with so much power it sounds like a drumline. He’s definitely the right teacher to follow Jaquel. When he demos it with music, it sounds more like a concert crowd than a dance class. Josh belongs here.